08 November, 2009

our best self

image1060304888.jpgsometimes we lose focus of the importance of ourselves. we spend our entire lives learning how to satisfy others. our parents our teachers our friends and boyfriends then the husbands and kids and lets not forget our bosses. but sometimes its good to get back to simply satisfyig ourselves.

my plans changed a bit today and i found myself dress and made up with nowhere to go. i have an iphone full of contacts and yet i have neglected so many of my friends that i found myself in the end alone and again with no where to go.

but thank god im in NYC so i decided to let my metrocard take me to 42nd street. then with the help of my savvy iphone i found Zumi this great little jazz bar in 43rd and 9th. the home to an energetic and lively bartender who makes delicious captain and cokes and so my night worked out great after all…

its good to be out with my best self tonight. dressed up, gorgeous, adventurous, and thank god blissfully happy.


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