22 December, 2009

stressed....yet again

So I'm not a huge fan of making new year's resolutions or anything like that. But seeing as how this year 2009 was incredibly sucky from beginning to end I think that if I have some goals maybe I will keep myself in track to a better life. Because everything is really going to shit. I'm on a boat that has a hole and water is seeping through. at least that's what it seems like, it's like every time i see a small problem and try to tackle it more come and they are all rushing in progressively faster than the last. It is so hard to catch my breath so hard to stay on my feet. But no more. It is time to get what i want out of life. (i feel like i keep saying that. I'm just hoping this time it really happens).


Making Decisions

By Stacy B., Warrensburg, NY

I can’t ever make up my mind
The best answer I can’t ever find
My mom and dad yell “You have to decide”
If only they were in my brain along for the ride

People don’t realize just how hard it can get
To not disappoint without feeling regret
It seems easier to have someone pick for me
But I guess that just weakens my decision making ability

I also wish someone would help me to choose
Give me some advice that I could use
Get me to get over this problem of mine
Help me to realize all I need is time

But it seems like I need to get over it right now
Just practice and try even though I don’t know how
I could really face some problems in the years to come
With this problem of mine that may seem quite dumb

I’m worried I will have to face a major consequence
For when I’m faced with the decision and I reply “I’m on the fence”
Just toughen up and buckle down
Because the best choice I know can be found

I’ll be cured before you know it
But right now I’m not faking
I protest everything that goes along,
With decision making

06 December, 2009

giving up.

Runaway Train
By Soul Asylum

It is so easy to give up. but I can't. Fact of the matter is giving up is not an option. The Bible tell us 2 Chronicles 15:7 "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." and even those who are of no religious affiliation cannot deny that those who keep at it persevere. You hear it all the time from everyone around you they say things like "don't give up" and "be storng" but then why are we so quick to lose hope when we have to travel up a rocky hill.??
I told myself at the beginning of the year that I would do everything in my power to gain peace in my heart and mind. with only three weeks to the end of the year I realize that I haven't found that peace, I'm just as troubled and stressed if not more than last year and while evaluating the steps that I've taken to find this peace I realize that I haven't done too good at keeping true to that promise.  So tonight I find myself telling a friend and telling myself do not give up because the end is no where near, and the only way to get to where you want to go is by taking that first step and continue to move forward without ever looking back.