18 March, 2010

So much to little time

Time really does seem to fly away sometimes. It is unbelievable. and then on top of that our days are now literally SHORTER!!!
The earthquake that struck Chile was so powerful that it appears to have jolted Earth's axis into a new position and increased our planet's rotation speed.
Calculations by a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory indicate the earthquake shortened the length of a day on Earth by more than one-millionth of a second.
The U.S. space agency's Richard Gross used a complex mathematical model to simulate the earthquake's effect.  He estimates that our days are now 0.00000126 seconds shorter than they were last week. That's 1.26 microseconds, or millionths of a second, and Gross says the change will be permanent.
So I totaly get that the difference is so small that we will never notice it, not in our life time anyways. But the fact that something like that can actually happen has amazed me for the last 2 days. ha ha i'm obsessing.
Everyday I live my life constantly looking or asking for the time. I'm not sure why I have gotten into this routine perhaps because ever since my freshman year of college I have been involved in so many things and always needed to be somewhere by a certain time - now it's just habit. I can literally tell you what I was doing down to every half hour or so. I don't think it's a problem or anything like that but I am always rushing and going and timing myself- I promise you it is exhausting.
But anyways today will go something like this
3:30pm - get out of work ( It takes me exactly 30 mins sometimes a little bit longer cuz of traffic)
4:00pm - go into work
6:00pm - call Eric so he can come and have dinner at work with me.
           - Lock Athletic doors
7:00pm - Let charter Oak into the pool
8:00pm - Begin closing the building
8:45pm - Close front doors and go around telling everyone they have 15 mins left
9:00pm - Make sure everyone is out of the building
           - Alarm the pool
           - Check the Pellets
           - Drive around to make sure that all of the gates are locked
           - Return keys to Public Safety
9:20pm - Finally leave campus
9:45pm - Go to my old apt check the mail and go home
10:00pm - Clean car and apt as much as possible
11:00pm - Put load in the washer and go pick up mimi
LOL okay fine this makes it look intense which it isn't at all what so ever but it explains why I am always looking at the time.

:) Anyways let me STOP wasting time and get to work. I'm procrastinating

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