05 March, 2011

Here We go again

I have tried everything over the years and always end up giving up and quitting, and instead of losing weight I have gained so much, more than I ever imagined. I mean I was never "Skinny" after I hit 13. My sophomore year of high school I was a size 4 then 6 and it went up hill from there pretty fast.

I'm 5'3" supposed to be around 125lbs where I want to be and should be if I stick to my plans. Thing is that I haven't found a diet that I can stick to and with my work schedule everything that comes in handy is fatty or sweet so I have to find a solution so that I can do this in a healthy and effective manner. Which definitely means working out. So I have to fit that into my already busy schedule.

I really want to do this and although I have failed many times before. I know that this time I will keep at it. I guess my inspiration is my boyfriend. We just moved in together and the weight issue has been a problem because it affects me in many ways and any time he tries to encourage me or help out I just get touchy and emotional. Although I know he means well this is something that I definitely need to do on my own. Maybe once I reach my first goal, I'll involve him... Maybe.

Well anyways, My plan is to lose as many lbs possible in the next 2 wks by reducing my intake considerably. I know it is not the most healthy way but I just need a little bit of a push and I can stick to a diet for a week...maybe 2.

I'll be updating this daily or as much as I can since I have a lot going on.

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