17 November, 2009

How far would you go for love?


I first became completely obsessed with Cartier's love bracelet (below) after seeing it on an episode of CSI:NY and researching it. Typically the way that it works is that it can only be taken off if unscrewed and the man who gives you such bracelet would keep the "key" or screw that comes with the bracelet as a symbolic gesture meaning commitment and a promise. They can choose to wear it around their neck. The whole idea is pretty old love like and romantic, althought there are many feminists out there who refuse to accept this as a declaration of love but rather as a sign of ownership (bet none of those women have ever falling in love anyways).

"The original provocative bracelet
-created in the 1970's- which could
only be opened with a tiny
screwdriver. It soon became a piece
of cult jewellery for modern day

Lovers." (cartier's site)

So the pros: its a great gesture because what woman doesn't love jewelry, or cartier for that fact; especially with a meaning like that. You can custumize it to fit your personal style. the con: it's over $3,000.00.

enough said....but it is cartier

Their slogan for the new LOVE campaign is "How far would you go for love?"
My answer: very but if a guy is spending $3gs on jewelry it better be a diamond ring. :)

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