09 November, 2009

monday mornings are NOT my fortè

image1805829794.jpgtwo bars, one fresh boy, and a long train ride home later my night definitely turned out far more exciting then where it seemed to be heading at around 8pm.

NYC in the mornig however, is a different story. As I headed out of my house this morning to begin a not so excitig journey back to CT, I was met by noisy streets and a crowd of overly energetic children on their way to school. A few minutes later I found myself in a train car filled to maximum capacity with caffine ridden New Yorkers who did not hesitate to dig their elbows with malice into my ribs when trying to squeeze their asses into seats next to me.

I am always amazed at how quickly this dear city of mine changes during rush hour. I wish everyone would just take some zanex and relax but where would the fun be in that???

Anyways, I am going to bask in the enjoyment of traveling in an unusually spacious bus ride. seems like a well earned reward after such an eventful weekend.


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