18 September, 2009

Doing what I can to make this job fun 8P

 I feel so sastified tonight, and maybe I shouldn't because I definitely ruined someone's week. Well more like 3 people. But if they hadn't given me shit when I told them that they couldn't come in to the place where I work at without proper validation sticker and then snuck in through the athletes door I wouldn't have been so angry. Then I took it step further by calling the campus police when they refused to leave and thought it was cute to curse me out.  now they have to go to student court and do 2 weeks of community service which is usually what they have them do. --- and all because they disrespected me. :) sweet victory.
Okay fine... it was nothing like the picture above but it still made my night a lot funner and entertaining. You see today I had to come in for a 3 hour shift which is so annoying since it does take me an hour plus by publice transportation. so if I am going to come in for that I sure as hell don't need to get shit from a silver spoon baby who thinks it is inconvenient to follow procedures. or maybe i just did it for fun ha ha who cares!!!

14 September, 2009

What am I doing? I try so hard to snap my fingers and have this feeling go away.
Why am I crying? there is no reason to it, nothing happened or perhaps so much keeps happening that I cannot pin point exactly what it is that is going on in my life. There is so much back and forth Im tired of it.
Im making progress, I should be happy. but it doesnt feel like it, I look around and all I see is me, alone as alway fighting my own battles without anyone by my side. It doesnt seem like things are going to change no matter what I do or try to do. I try what I think is my hardest---always I end up disappointed because my efforts arent gratified.

This is so much bullshit