24 June, 2010


It seems like men can get away with having that extra slice of pizza, doing fewer push ups and less time on the treadmill and still end up losing weight. While us women count every single calorie that we eat and breathe, exercise until we drop and obsessing over the scale which betrays us time and time again. IT IS NOT OUR IMAGINATION...In fact whether you choose to believe it or not, MEN LOSE WEIGHT FASTER THAN WOMEN.

However there are a few good reason as to why this happens.

1. Men have more muscle. This allows them to burn more calories, even when at rest.
2. Women are predisposed to store and retain fat. Women have higher levels of estrogen, a hormone that works works to keep the fat on a woman's body so it's easier for her to get pregnant. That means women have to work harder to lose weight at the same rate as men.

Men's bodies respond more quickly to exercise. Women's bodies, meanwhile, actually go into a sort of starvation mode, slowing the metabolism to hang onto more fat, which makes perfect sense since CREATING AN NURTURING A NEW LIFE IS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS.

Well I've decided to not let this or anything stop me from my goal to lose weight. I don't know what on earth happened but I completely sent my health to the back burner while I was in college, now that I have more time for myself I am going to do something about. But I will confess that I'm jealous to see how much my boyfriend and brother can put down their throat without gaining as much as an ounce, my brother especially.

Wish me luck =) ♥

31 March, 2010

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Happy23rd Birthday

Omar Hayles!!!!
I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,


I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

Dearest Best Friend:
Sometime in September of 2001 in Ms. Protass's Math class i met you and since then you have been a wonderfully faithful and meaningful best friend. I really wish I could spend this joyful day with you and pull many pranks on you so that this day can really be memorable. However I will make sure to do all of this on the weekend when I see you.

Love you always,

30 March, 2010

loving life

So everything seems to be working itself out slowly but at least it's going some where right?!
I'm kind of im a really happy mood right now.

24 March, 2010


ONLY 2 MORE WORK DAYS!!! (well 3)

Okay so I took a break for a little while because my laptop broke GRRRRRR and I played hookie from work yesterday, Eric and I both did I wasnt feeling too well...and such.

Anyways I will be updating with my intake for the day. I made a complete mess of my diet from sat to yesterday lost 4lbs last wk and gained it all back cuz Glamildi and I made flan and God help me I ate so much of it and have so much more left over. I wish I could give it away but these picky eaters in CT dont really like it. oh well I guess it'll go to waste unfortunely.

18 March, 2010

So much to little time

Time really does seem to fly away sometimes. It is unbelievable. and then on top of that our days are now literally SHORTER!!!
The earthquake that struck Chile was so powerful that it appears to have jolted Earth's axis into a new position and increased our planet's rotation speed.
Calculations by a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory indicate the earthquake shortened the length of a day on Earth by more than one-millionth of a second.
The U.S. space agency's Richard Gross used a complex mathematical model to simulate the earthquake's effect.  He estimates that our days are now 0.00000126 seconds shorter than they were last week. That's 1.26 microseconds, or millionths of a second, and Gross says the change will be permanent.
So I totaly get that the difference is so small that we will never notice it, not in our life time anyways. But the fact that something like that can actually happen has amazed me for the last 2 days. ha ha i'm obsessing.
Everyday I live my life constantly looking or asking for the time. I'm not sure why I have gotten into this routine perhaps because ever since my freshman year of college I have been involved in so many things and always needed to be somewhere by a certain time - now it's just habit. I can literally tell you what I was doing down to every half hour or so. I don't think it's a problem or anything like that but I am always rushing and going and timing myself- I promise you it is exhausting.
But anyways today will go something like this
3:30pm - get out of work ( It takes me exactly 30 mins sometimes a little bit longer cuz of traffic)
4:00pm - go into work
6:00pm - call Eric so he can come and have dinner at work with me.
           - Lock Athletic doors
7:00pm - Let charter Oak into the pool
8:00pm - Begin closing the building
8:45pm - Close front doors and go around telling everyone they have 15 mins left
9:00pm - Make sure everyone is out of the building
           - Alarm the pool
           - Check the Pellets
           - Drive around to make sure that all of the gates are locked
           - Return keys to Public Safety
9:20pm - Finally leave campus
9:45pm - Go to my old apt check the mail and go home
10:00pm - Clean car and apt as much as possible
11:00pm - Put load in the washer and go pick up mimi
LOL okay fine this makes it look intense which it isn't at all what so ever but it explains why I am always looking at the time.

:) Anyways let me STOP wasting time and get to work. I'm procrastinating

17 March, 2010

Mirror Mirror

*This is by no means my writing* I found it on PrettyThin.Com
by Zoodle

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
I don't see me in your reflection
I see someone beautiful without imperfection.
I see a girl. She's dainty and thin.
Her hair brushes against soft skin.
With dark eyes that reflect the moonlight.
Such gentle features they sink into the night.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Why am I not there at all?
I see beauty infront of me.
I'm sure that that's not what you see.
You see no one. A nobody.
A thin girl in a fat body.
I want to become the real me
Work long and hard just so you'll see.
Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I the fairest of them all?
No. Not now but i'll aim to be
And when I become it then you'll all see.