09 June, 2011

What a morning already

Im so stressed out!
I would usually let a conversation like that one I had with a client on the phone throw me into some kind of downward spiral of self-hatred and my life gone bad. But today I will not! As fcuked up as it may be for someone to hang up the phone on me after calling me useless I realize that it’s not my fault. There is nothing that I can do to help this man and I could’ve gotten his hopes up and wasted his time so that we can get $450 credit but instead I didn’t. I told him who to call and he lashed out on me.
I’m still angry about it, but I’m learning that there is no point in me being upset over someone that I barely know acting childish toward me. That person clearly has bigger troubles ahead of him than whatever I can say.
It’s funny though, whenever someone angers me I imagine myself in tight black leather pants and jacket, with villain’s make up on ready to blow up that person’s home. Watches out people…don’t unleash me. Ha ha I would never. But it relaxes me.
Thank you lord! For giving me the virtue of patience, and understanding. I am grateful.

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