03 October, 2009


Okay so just for the hell of it I googled women drivers and looked under images. some of these are really funny.

Women Drivers

Do they realize the relation of Engine Lubrication to both Petty and Serious Driving Problems?

MORE AND MORE men drivers are realizing the importance of using the correct oil in their cars. To their wives who drive the cars during the week, the importance of scientific lubrication is even greater.

Driving problems, bothersome enough for men drivers, become more serious when a woman is at the wheel.

Among the driving problems which bother women, perhaps the most important are these: 1—Engine is difficult to start. 2—Gears have to be shifted on hills and in traffic. 3—Engine missing because of fouled spark plugs.

Engine difficult to start

Women drivers use cars largely for short trips. Often the car stands idle outside for several hours. While standing it cools off. Starting a cold engine is always more difficult than starting a warm one. But this difficulty of starting is increased by a low quality of wrong-bodied oil which throws an additional strain on the batteries.

The correct grade of Gargoyle Mobiloils often surprises motorists by the easier starting which results. This is because the oil is both of the highest quality and of a scientifically correct body. If the Chart specifies a different grade of oil for your car in winter, be sure to use this grade.

Frequent gear shifting

With incorrect lubrication the engine overheats. The valves become sticky. The spark plugs foul. This results in irregular action of the engine, lessening its power. As a result the engine loses its flexibility to a marked degree. Hills formerly taken on high gear must now be traveled in lower gear. Lower gear has to be used too much in traffic. Trouble of this kind is directly traceable to incorrect lubrication, and can be avoided when the motorist follows the Chart on the right.

Spark plugs foul

Engine messing is quite often caused by a fouled spark plug. Removing and cleaning a spark plug is simple enough to a man, but it is a nasty, troublesome job for a woman. Frequent fouling of spark plugs is usually due to incorrect lubrication. With the correct grade of Gargoyle Mobiloils women drivers will experience a freedom from this kind of trouble.

Other operating troubles frequently encountered are — water boiling in the radiator, due to overheating of the engine; excessive smoking at the exhaust; and other annoyances, all of which are usually traceable to faulty lubrication.

OF one thing you may be sure. you use the grade of Gargoyle Mobiloils specified in the Chart, you are getting maximum freedom from the troubles discussed here. This is a recognized fact in scientific circles and among the more experienced automobile manufacturers, dealers and motorists the world over.

If your car is not listed on the partial Chart to the right send for our booklet “Correct Automobile Lubrication,” which contains the complete Chart. Or
consult the complete Chan at your dealer’s. Be careful to notice what grade of Gargoyle Mobiloils is specified for winter use in your car. In writing, please address our nearest branch.

A grade for each type of motor

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