02 October, 2009


What does the Bible say about gossiping?
"Remember gossip is as sinful as murder and will suffer the same consequences unless there is repentance (Romans 1:32). Remember God holds you accountable to your words (Matthew 12:36-37). Gossip & slander disqualifies persons for spiritual leadership (1 Timothy 3:11, James 3:2). The person who gossips to you about others, also gossips to others about you. Gossip often masks as pretentious concerns for others. Gossip always distorts and exaggerates, and is never a reliable source of truth. Those who gossip and slander are not in right fellowship with God (Romans 1:28-32). Those who gossip rarely get answers to prayer, and often face persistent, unexplainable problems (Psalms 66:18, Proverbs. 21:23, Proverbs. 6:12-15)." source
I've been thinking a lot about gossip lately. I feel like maybe i do my share amount of gossiping without really realizing it sometimes and I feel horrible. I havent told any secret that were confided in me so I dont feel bad on that note but I feel like maybe there's just too much gossip all around me. it's making me not want to bump in to anyone or see anyone at all. ANY TIPS ON HOW TO AVOID DRAMA???? please HELP!!!

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