01 October, 2009

The traveler's wife...

El Fenomeno
By Arcangel

Traveler's wife by Audrey Niffenegger

It is a great novel, I am sad to have finished it because it captivates you in such a way that you wish for Henry and Clare to be real people, people who you could perhaps call your friends and help in some way. Help them deal with their problems and help them say the right thing, anything just to be part of their magical love story. The novel is not a Romance novel although it is a story about love, relationships, friendships and waiting and fighting hard to stick together above all the things that may come in your way.

You see their relationship transform and their roles change depending on the situation at hand, they learn from each other and when they are together time ceases to be, it shows how insignificant time is when it is spent wisely surrounded by your friends and loved one. It makes you believe throughout the entire novel in the solidarity of love and of two people sharing that love. Dedicated to one another because living along that person, trying to make that person happy makes life that much worth it.

It was good while it lasted and it almost fools you into believing that the world truly is that way. But don't be silly... it's just a more realistic fairy tale.

I am excited however about the movie. I think it is too late to watch it in theatre but I will be sure to get the DVD as soon as it is out, if just for one hour I will be witness of real love.

anyhow I definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about reading it to do so.

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