28 July, 2011

Why are all men that I encounter spoiled?

Ladies I need your advice! Now I know that I've been out of the "game" for some time now but is it just me or do guys not know how to keep a conversation going without saying something a bit extra. I'm certainly not a prude and many times guilty of flirting but like I just wanted to say hi. See what you're about maybe get to know you. I dont know but many of my conversations go something like this: Now keep in my mind that this guy has "poked" everyday for the last week and the only friend in common we have is my older brother.
  • ME: so are you going to say hi or you're just gonna keep poking me lol
  • E* Lol...hi gorgeous
  • ME: lol how are you?
  • E* I'm ok .a little thirsty right now.. Lol
  • ME:you should do something about that :)
  • E* Only ur lips can take my thirst way;)
  • ME: wow that's a bit much to take in, it's our first conversation.

So was I fcuked up for saying that? 

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